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Is there a Linux release of Titan Node Pool?

Yes, we have released a full Linux version.

Can I dual mine ETH and LPT with Titan Node Pool?

Yes, you can dual mine ETH, however there are many performance issues with dual mining at this time and may not be able to keep high enough performance for Titan Node Pool. You can also dual mine with other LPT pools such as Livepool.

What is ETH earnings?

Segments of video successfully transcoded earn Gwei (1 billionth of an ETH). More segments means more income.

What is LPT earnings?

You accumulate nLPT (nano-LPT / 1 billionth) for each max session you have available for transcoding.

What is LTNT earnings?

Livepeer Titan Node Token (LTNT) is a native token to the Titan Node Pool earned exclusivly by Titan Node Pool Transcoders. A portion of the revenue of sales from Titan Node Miners are distributed to LTNT holders.

The LTNT contract address can be found on the Arbitrum Explorer here: 0xd94aa928aa1cd9b8af7c6c0789ee3f427a4427ac

The exe is missing

Windows defender might delete the launch file. Try the following instructions:

Optional: Turn Off Windows Defender For Specific Folder (may be required for some computers)
1. Go to Start > Settings > Update & Security > Windows Security > Virus & threat protection.
2. Under Virus & threat protection settings, select Manage settings, and then under Exclusions, select Add exclusions.
3. Select the folder where Titan Node Pool program is located.

How does the uptime multiplier work?

The uptime multiplier increases every hour your machine is online. The uptime multiplier increases the amount of gwei (ETH) you receive from each pixel of video transcoded.
The max multiplier you can achieve is 32x which pays out 105% of video transcoded value (higher than if you started your own Orchestrator node). This will take approximately 1 year to achieve.

When benchmarking my node says I ran out of memory

Either you have not patched your NVIDA driver or your card is already loaded. Try turning off all other programs while benchmarking.

It says my internet is too slow

Currently we require 100mb/s upload speed to connect to Titan Node Pool.

How does the background performance check work?

Every 10 minutes a single session benchmark is performed and collects the results. If the benchmark fails, the node will shutdown.

What is Real Time?

Real Time indicates that a stream gets transcoded and returned faster than the live stream that is being published.

Example: Most streams produce 2 second segment intervals. If it takes 500ms to send the video to a Transcoder, 1,000ms to transcode the video and 500ms to return the video back, then a total round trip time would be 2 seconds. This would produce the exact Real Time, since a 2 second segment is returned in 2 seconds.

Ideally we want to return a 2 second segment in less than 1 second, this leaves room for latency of network time for the video to reach the end user.

If the video is not transcoded faster than Real Time, the end user will have buffering, missing frames and other unpleasant experiences.

What is the minimum payout?

Payouts happen automatically when the payout amount is 100 times greater than the gas cost of the transaction.

Currently on Arbitrum, this is roughly around 8,000,000 Gwei to reach payout.

What chain do I receive payouts on?

All payout happen on the Arbitrum chain. Please check your ETH address on the Arbitrum chain for funds if you have reached a payout.

If you are using Metamask, you may need to enter the LPT contract address to view your LPT tokens.

Arbitrum contract address: 0x289ba1701C2F088cf0faf8B3705246331cB8A839

Can I use a VPN with my transcoder?

No, a VPN will significantly reduce your transcoding performance and likely get you removed from the pool for a poor performance score.

In addition, your IP is not exposed to the public internet while transcoding with Titan Node Pool. Only our ingest nodes are publicly visable, all transcoders are hidden behind our servers. (similar to how a VPN works)

How can I change my Transcoder settings?

If you would like to reset all settings you can delete the "config" folder in the Titan Node Pool folder and it will prompt you for all settings again upon launch.

How can I specify which NVIDIA card to use?

The launcher accepts a "-nvidia" argument. Default is set to "all".

Use the "-nvidia" flag followed by the slot number you would like to use.

Example: "-nvidia 0" for slot 0 or "-nvidia 0,1,2" for slots 0, 1 and 2.

Speedtest.net servers are currently offline, trying again in 10 minutes.

This error will show if you are unable to connect to speedtest.net servers. Check to see if you can connect to the speedtest.net config file by visiting: www.speedtest.net/speedtest-servers.php. If you see a list of servers then it is working fine.
You can also try visiting https://speedtest.net and run the web browser version to try reset you IP incase it is blocked.

Where can I view my NFTs?

1) Visit your OpenSea Account.
2) Click "More" and select "Hidden".

I have more video hours transcoded than someone else but less rewards, why is that?

Not all streams are equal. A 4K stream has x4 the amount of pixels than 1080p which is worth 4x the rewards and are the same duration.
Also, you rewards are multiplied by your uptime multiplier, this effects your rewards at the time of the stream.

What flags are available?

"-nvidia" string Comma-separated list of Nvidia GPU device IDs i.e 0,1,2 (or "all" for all available devices).
"-maxSessions" int Maximum number of concurrent transcoding sessions for transcoder.
"-v" int Log verbosity. {4|5|6}
"-configPath" string Path to config files.
"-ethAddr" string Ethereum address for payouts.
"-nickname" string Nickname to identify node on dashboard.
"-disableAutoStartup" bool Disables auto startup prompt for Windows. Turn this on ifyou are running as system service.
"-enableAutoPatch" bool Enables auto patching of nvidia driver without need of prompt. Turn this on if you are running as system service.
"-GUIPrompt" bool Passes prompt to GUI program for Windows. Leave this off if you are running Titan from the command line.